my guardian angel

my guardian angel
is late descending
boujee, buff and condescending
ball breaking, mind bending
threatening unfriending
an apocalyptic ending
website down, patent pending

my guardian angel
does abstract flapping
claws down her drawers feather fapping
spiritually geocaching
party crashing
me at the window teeth gnashing
speed scrolling, hashtag angelsacking

my guardian angel
is a fluttery klutz
allergic to liturgy, clergy and nuts
preens and struts
hair out in tufts
continually interrupts
with glossy brochures of the life deluxe

my guardian angel
is a no-good gander
half soul poultry half panhandler
and I just can’t handle her
sorry but NO’s my final answer
so bye bye my feathery chancer
I’ll find some other spiritual advancer

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