memento mori

it’s good to acknowledge Death
at least once a day
to sit across from Death
pass it a cup of tea, a ginger nut
(the sensible choice
plain, spicy,
but not too fancy)
say hey Death whassup?
but really mean it
listen to what it has to say
where it’s been, who it’s seen that day
don’t try to dominate the conversation
and don’t expect great revelations
Death will be tired
full of strange specifics
that might seem overwhelming
unless you relax
and let them wash over you
a bit like listening to music
Death will appreciate your attention
it’s basically good manners
also, it means that
when Death comes for you
it won’t be quite so awkward
you’ll have a relationship
spared those weird silences
moonlight on the flex of a bone
easier, more relaxed
you can shake hands
sigh about the way these things go
get down to business

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