meet the ancestors

I finally got round to the family tree
and what I found was a shock to me
(because of the colossal weight of material
I focused on the matrilineal)
so follow me now through the DNA wringer
as I light the way with my index finger

Mum was a bowl of hand-pulled spaghetti
Grandma was a fastback forty-two Chevy
Great Grandma was coturnix coturnix, or Quail
G2 Grandma the common whelk, a type of sea snail
G3G was a filthy limerick by Baudelaire
G4G was a hypotenuse square
G5G was a broadway hoofer
G6G was a dyspraxic roofer
G7G was a stir-fry recipe using Pak Choi
G8G was the better-looking sister of Helen of Troy
but I’m afraid that’s where the record runs out
so if you find more information give us a shout

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