me II

I made an approximate model of me
from a disreputable, raggle-taggle potpourri
of whatever old crap
I could find round the flat

A potato for a head
eyes sprouting & scouting ahead
the body
was shoddy
just a sock stuffed with tissue
lumpy in spots but not a big issue
for the arms and legs
an unholy arrangement of wires and clothes pegs
and although it looked it a complete fright
at least it stayed reasonably upright

the next stage was animation
and what I did was an abomination
I downloaded Pinocchio off Netflix
whizzed it up in the Magimix
poured the gunk down this tuberoid monster
then said hello to my blank faced imposter

my fault entirely
it was undeniably
a serious moral lapse
and whilst it’s true perhaps
I should have taken a long, hard look in the mirror
before committing myself to such a mortal error
it was a thrill
to slide down that particular
double-helix helter-skelter
and anyway – this funny, potato-headed feller
turned out much better suited
to the challenges of the daily commute
the workplace routines
the tasks and teams
political skullduggery
so – in summary
the dummy me
made a BETTER me

and now I sit here cursing myself
out of reach on the monster’s shelf

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