raj rage

but we gave them so much
schools, sanitation and such
I mean – good heavens!
look at the evidence!
from a few steaming elephants
to forty gleaming regiments!
boxes of quinine! stacks of clerks!
public buildings! shady parks!
and much, MUCH more than that
more than a lord in a feathery hat
more than tiffin, and the rules of cricket
more than flags and a steam train ticket
more than hunts and royal visits
no – something more patriotically exquisite
the honour of sending us their cotton and tea
branded East India Company
so – I beg you – enough with the hate
India helped make Britain great
and raise our worldwide profile higher
but if you want to enquire
a little more about this stuff
all of the documents that tended to show otherwise
were carefully burned when we abandoned the enterprise

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