I write a lot of poems
some of you may know em

(yeah? you SEE?
how naturally poetry comes to me?
apart from the metre
which I’ve always struggled with and have to accept is what you might call my big defeater)

a few people know me but not enough
and I’ve been trying to get to more people with my stuff

so I post em with a picture
on instagram and twitter

talking of which
I’ve noticed a glitch

when I start to write the text
the cursor always predicts what’s next

I get as far as ‘new poem on the…’
whereupon the

prediction comes up with ‘church new wall
which doesn’t make ANY sense at all

I mean – it’s complete and utter rubbish
(thank God I prof before I publish)

although… I dunno …. maybe it couldn’t hurt
to write a poem on the side of a church

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