grasshopper shocker

last night an actual grasshopper
slowly crawled
halfway up the bedroom wall
then stopped
then hopped
down on to the bedside table
just missing the water which woulda been fatal

I mean – what did it WANT?
preening itself on a book looking confident
like this was something it’d planned all week
and was getting good money for making us shriek

Kath took a cup
slowly and slyly got up
found a utility bill
to utilise her special skill
which is capturing spiders and sundry bugs
and tossing them outside into the shrubs
grasshoppers definitely the worst of these creatures
being such prodigious leapers

I wished her luck
…. as she STRUCK!
I heard a whump
as it jumped
and the top of the cup furiously bumped
with its alien headgear
as Kath said wait here
took it over to the open window
slid out the letter and let it go

did it land safely?
I’m sorry – I don’t know
(but I sincerely hope so)

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