show me the basilisk

what are they
is that Spain down there?
we could be anywhere
I love it
and I love you too babe
mind my bag
you’re squashing it

here comes the trolley

I’ll have two mojitos
a gin and slimline
a dead man’s finger
with club soda
and a bottle of water
thank you so much

it’s our honeymoon
aw thank you
start as you mean to go on
if you can’t relax on your honeymoon
when can you?
I’m a steady drunk though
so don’t worry
thank you so much
thanks babe
you’re the best

don’t you think he’s the best?
an absolute charmer

he’s a catch babe
we like him

watch out
you’re spitting
yes you did
shut up

what – are you a child?
why do I get to keep the wipes?

now look what I’ve gone and done
all in my bag

I had so many special times
with Rosie
yes we’re taking time out
for a couple of months
but when you think
all those moments we shared
all the Harry Potters
we grew up together
me, Rosie and the Harry Potters

look at me sitting on my headphones
I like these ones
those other ones
make my ears bleed

oh hey babe
you’re back
I’ll have another mojito
another gin and tonic
a beer
and a vodka spritz
thank you so much
thanks babe
I promise we’ll behave
promises, promises

my favourite’s Fantastic Beasts
did you see that?
Fantastic Beasts
I love everything about that movie
Johnny Depp was shit
Jack Sparrow with a wand
I’m glad he went
I love Jude Law
he makes a dreamy Dumbledore
weren’t you glad
Johnny Depp went?
him and his eye

Manny makes me laugh
he’s like
mum,mum, where’s the basilisk?
I want the basilisk
when’s the basilisk coming on
I said to him
manny – you’ll see the basilisk
at the end
but that’s literally all he wants
the basilisk
where’s the basilisk, mum?
show me the basilisk
he’s obsessed with the fucking basilisk
scuse me
the flipping basilisk

just time for one more, babe
I’ll have another coupla mojitos
they’re super delicio
and a beer, darling
no worries
I think I’ve got time
but if not
I can always put one in my bag
a carry off
the drink not me
what did you think I meant
I’m pretty steady
I won’t cause a scene
thanks babe
you’re one in a million
I bet you’ll stop me getting
back on, though,

(he’s so gorgeous
isn’t he gorgeous babe
such a warm personality)

yeah – the basilisk
where’s the basilisk, mum
show me the basilisk

he’d watch a whole film
just on the fucking basilisk

we’re going down
are we going down?
we’re going down

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