McQuaide: Specs of Fury

I like to do things MY own sweet way
when it comes to trash I’m not trustin’
(fight scene in an alleyway;
kung fu with a dustbin)

I can see you fellas are itchin’
but lunch won’t take a minute
(fight scene in a kitchen;
kung fu with a skillet)

Head Keeper? Well sir – how d’ya do!
you look the real patootie
(fight scene in the city zoo;
kung fu with an agouti)

Okay, fellas! Let me try to explain
I’ll go slow to make it easy
(fight scene on a commuter train;
kung fu with parcheesi)

Tell your boss McQuaide said no
but just to make things simple
(fight scene at a historical fashion show;
kung fu with a wimple)

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