I am sparepartacus

what if I’m a robot
and didn’t know what
I was
but everyone could see quite clearly because
I’m quite repetitive
repetitive, yes, and strangely competitive
somewhat sensitive
to looking in the mirror
which always delivers
circuitry shivers
like I’m forced to consider
a logic bomb
that fries my supplies and blows my comms

and I suppose there’s something a little amiss
if you hiss
when you kiss
speak when you sleep and spark when you piss
and your eyes roll back
when you reminisce
about that holiday you played the slots
a bucket of chips and a virtual jackpot

I dunno – it feels like sometimes
I default to coded run not fun time
an algorithm
for every mannerism
in case I
try to save my
moulded face by
erring on the side of wired wisdom
looping logic, photosystem

but it helps I look a little bit human
synthetically chic and unassuming
integrating seamlessly
into the registry
silicon creases
cute button nose and neat prostheses
a whole new species
robo craniums
not homo sapiens
marching through town to the football stadium
to cheerfully plot
with the other robots
megabraining with all we’ve got
quick group photo
ecce robo
download updates, turn and then go
off to the charger back at the condo
mate! your CPU is showing!
laser yourself some looser clothing!

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