The Legend of King Stanley

Part the First
Wherein King Stanley doth receive his knights at Barkalot

And lo! did a myriad dogs run hot
making their way to Barkalot
to see the newly anointed king
who drew Snaxcalibur from the tin
And lo! Did every mutt and stray
from Munsterlander to Bichon Frise
journey there to pledge their fealty
(and check out the impressive realty)
And a great round basket was duly set
in the Hall so all dogs could lie in it
arguing amongst them who doeth what
who wouldst go fighting and who wouldst not

Part the Second
Whereby the Welsh Terrier Merlin adviseth Our Lurcher

And gravely did Merlin approach the sofa
where lyeth King Stanley after supper
and growlingly counsel about Snaxcalibur
and flicketh through pics on his pixie camera
to show the place the King must take
the magick treat though his heart doth break
and stand upon that fateful shore
and howl as he never howled before
then toss it out in one smooth shake
for the Lhasa Apso of the Lake
and then the prophesy will be complete
and he can go back on the sofa if he wipeth his feet

the lost legend of king arthur

King Arthur
clanks across the park in a suit of armour
rapidly losing heart
takes his Malibu Barbie to the lake
and though his heart is fit to break
lifts his visor, kisses her
already madly misses her
says a prayer, caresses & crosses her
leans back & tosses her
The Barbie of the Lake rises up and catches her
leaps like a rainbow trout & snatches her
then with a fabulous flip of her tail
a super sushi flash of scales
slips away with a simple but satisfying slop
and Arthur drags himself back to Camelot