It’s been a strange week. And not in a good way. First I had those falls. Then my budgie died. Nine years I had him. I hardly know what’s what anymore. I’m keeping the cage, though – for a while, anyway.

I can’t believe how quiet it is. He was so musical. He could sing anything. Jazz, carols. Such a happy, bright sound. Like he was possessed. And he could talk, too. What’s the matter? I love you mummy. And then he’d hop on my shoulder and cuddle up for the night.  cage

I’m not a great animal person. I don’t like cats, and dogs scare me. It’s the way they look at you. But birds…. birds are a whole other story.

6 thoughts on “birds

  1. I’ve always wanted birds.However Mrs Jack (not her real name) has always had cats.

    Obviously the two don’t mix.


  2. We had ducks a few years back…they had the (then ten) cats thoroughly under control, and during the day were allowed the run of the garden. What with the eggs and all they were great…the only problem was they had a great propensity for hunting slugs and snails…this sounds good until you realise that constant pecking away at the lawn, in dry weather or wet, eventually left the lawn looking like the Somme…it had to be relayed after they’d all gone…

    Thinking back it was a bit of a nightmare chasing them round to put them to bed each night (they were Khaki and dark Campbells – partly derived from Indian Runners!), but I have to admit I do miss them…great characters…




  3. I had no idea ducks were such great slug-hunters. Almost makes me want to get one (or five). Ten cats sounds like a lot – what did you have, some kind of display team? We’ve got one cat – Solly – a rescue b&w. Great character. Very independent minded (not headline news for a cat, I know). Doesn’t like to be cuddled – except by our youngest daughter, who has some kind of Derren Brown mind control thing going on with him. :/


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