crème de la crem

Scene: the wake after the service at the crematorium.

Giles, a spruce ninety year old – blazer with a folded handkerchief in the top pocket, pressed slacks, polished shoes – makes his way over to a small group over by the buffet table. After some handshakes, introductions and how-are-yous, he turns to Simon, a man he hasn’t met before.

Giles:      So! I hear you’ve done very well for yourself.
Simon:         How do you mean?
Giles:    I couldn’t help but overhear. When we were all waiting in the … ah…. waiting room. How you’re almost a barrister.
Simon:         A barrister?
Giles:      Very well done. That’s quite something.
Simon:         (suddenly realising what’s happened). No, no! I managed to fix the coffee machine. I said I was almost a barista.
Giles:      Jolly good show.

2 thoughts on “crème de la crem

  1. I do wish Giles had asked for some complicated coffee.

    Can’t say I’m a big fan of Costa and the rest of them.Nothing ideological,just none of them can make a decent cup of tea.


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