what things are

i was going to tweet
a picture of an old tree
the front looked normal
but the back was hollowed out
(does a tree even have a front and a back?)
blackened with fire, anyway
lightning, maybe?
dramatic, whatever
i took the shot

i thought it might be a lime tree
but i wasn’t sure
and i wanted to get it right
so i was standing there
looking it up on an app
i’d downloaded the day before
from the woodland trust
when a guy i see sometimes
came by with his little black dog

anyway, i thought i should
explain to him
what I was doing
just standing there like that

absolutely, he said
you pass these things every day
you see them all the time and you never know
i have a friend
point to anything and he’ll tell you
me? i haven’t a clue
yesterday I saw a huge bird
tearing something to pieces on a roundabout
i thought it was an eagle
but do we even get eagles round here? lime tree
not sure
anyway – good luck! he said
and carried on
his dog bundling after him

i went back to the app
working through the algorithm
leaf shape, colour, seed type, bark



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