pool party

I’m off to France tomorrow
an engagement party
my niece is getting married
no, the other one
we’re all invited to a villa
she’s hired, somewhere down south
i know, sounds heavenly
but you know what?
i’m dreading it
a pool party, for fuck’s sake
what am I going to do?
it’s all right for them
all her leggy friends
striding around
skinny and fabulous
sunglasses on their heads
and their hair like OMG
they’ve got abs, some of them, six packs
and I don’t mean lager
me? my tummy’s as saggy
as an old cushion
the cat ripped up
nails? the last time
I had my nails done
I looked like I had a circulatory disorder
bikini? I’ll have to wear a kaftan
a fucking bathing machine
would show too much

pool party
god! what the hell am I going to do?

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