margaret & sarah

a woman made of thunderstorms answers the door
okay she says and what’ve you come for?
good morning I say I’m delivering a stick
i can see that she says i’m not completely thick
no i say … so … i’m guessing you’re not sarah
that’s right sherlock i’m margaret the carer
nice to meet you margaret i say is she in
no she’s out in the garden doing backflips again
of course she’s in she’s sitting in the lounge
sarah! she shouts there’s a man to see you some clown
she nods for me to come into the hall
hardly giving me space at all
before slamming the door like i’m doltish cattle
making all the paintings & portraits rattle
through to the lounge and sarahs there
sitting in the sunshine in a high-backed chair
don’t mind me she says I’m having a moment
i can see that i say look i brought you a present
just what i need she says a sword
that’s the last time i’m going to be ignored
waving it in the general direction
of margaret who stares with raw disaffection
you shouldn’t make jokes about that sarah
she says especially not to your live-in carer
then turns and walks away to the kitchen
like a jailor on some murderous mission
sarah winks at me waves the stick again and jabs it
when she comes back she says i’ll let her have it

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