the chihuahua fix

I just want to see maddy again
my crazy little dog
half chihuahua half who knows
satan linda says
linda’s been looking after her since I went in
I hear her barking in the background
maddy not linda
but I can’t have her back yet
not with things how they are
it’s taken me six months
just to get this far
everything from scratch
writing talking walking
I wouldn’t give up, though
all those people worse than me
I thought please god
whatever happens
not that
so I did everything
they asked and more
pocket rocket
the physios said
but all I could think of
was maddy curled up
on my shoulder
licking my ear
when the phone rang
so I pressed on
fractured my pelvis
falling in the gym
that was a blow
I can tell you
a low point
but I liked the consultant
the big I Am of Hips
smile easy as an alligator
at a water hole
‘What ARE we going to do with you?’ he said
‘Patch me up
and kick me out
quick as you like’ I said
‘I need my chihuahua fix’
‘Well why didn’t you say?’ he said
And wrote me a scrip

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