scrappy rap rant

I suppose it helps you don’t owe me / and I like it at the bottom with nothing below me / but hey – it’s okay / I’m finally dealing with this shit today / the mice are playing while the cat’s away / on some kinda retreat to work on his health / something about freeing the mouse in himself / something like that / something about a cat / anyway / hey / I’m fine most of the time / a scream and a wild front crawl / from the foaming rocks at the edge of the falls / but look – I’m not worried at all / I’m a cool-arsed original / I’m the swinging restaurant in the gondola beneath the flaming dirigible / I’m that cute but fatally defective detective / the chinless chump who never gets it / I’m that violin guy playing with brio / in that trio / on the titanic / who didn’t panic / but played on amongst all the scheming & the screaming / the flares / the desperate fights on the stairs / till the atlantic finally rushed up / and his stradivarius got smashed up / and he went floating off / with the rest of the flotsam & jetsom from steerage / (and not much in the way of peerage) / all the way to Newfoundland / him & the rest of the icy band / is that reasonable? / have I said something treasonable? / I suppose what I wanted to say is / It’s always safer to go where the money is / I’m as mercenary as the rest / I’m the wad of dirty notes in the kevlar vest / I’m the bastard son of Eastwood, Statham & Van Damme / I’m a fickle motherfucker who never gave a good goddamn / I’m the red light, the Don’t Walk, the stop / I’m the bloody nightstick in the belt of the whistling cop / but don’t judge me / okay? / I’m not feeling so great today / it’s true / would i lie to you? / okay – would I lie to you AGAIN? / still friends? / muchas gracias, finito, the end / it’s important to know where you stand / watching life on demand / with a raised right hand / for some fancy oath / you don’t understand / just don’t follow me / see? / I’m made up / I’m sponsored, pocketed, paid up / I’m a shoe-in for the sham brigade / I’m a stand-in / glad-handin’ for the president’s parade / the aristocrat in the kiss-me-quick hat / on the steps of L’Hotel Fantôme at Cap Ferrat / smiling, of course / horsey as a goddam powerboat / so, tell me, have I got your vote? / no? / I thought you’d be more impressed / the old school tie, the trouser press? / I thought you’d learned to be content / working for the government / dreaming of approval / a final, slick, anaesthetised removal / and writing? / don’t get me started / it’ll leave you hungry and broken-hearted / it’s like feeding cheese to a bony cat / that doesn’t get fatter but keeps coming back / or put it this way / okay? / you say what you want to say and if you’re lucky you live to fight another day / and if you don’t / well – it’s life, Jim / but not as we know it / a misquoted line with Nimoy’s name below it / but hey – never let a fake quotation stand in the way / of saying what you never meant to say

good day

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