a meeting with disappointment

(sorry I didn’t make an appointment)

I take it from your slack expression
I hardly need ask the question
were you expecting SUCCESS?
let me guess!

well – I don’t know if it’s of any help to you
but my dear old mother maintained the view
when life gets tough you grin and bear it
till in the end she was grinning a fair bit

what time is it?
this wasn’t the purpose of my visit!
that’s quite enough about me
it’s YOU I’ve come to see
how are YOU today?
Well – that’s okay
what can I say?
people are often shocked
to see who it is who’s knocked

Look – I know it stinks
but you just have to think
things will either go your way
or they won’t
and I’m sorry to say
on this particular day
they don’t

I have it all written down here
the details of your particular….
ah! here it is!
quite a long list
of opportunities missed
openings screwed
promises misconstrued
redirected routes
pinching boots
second-hand suits

and right at the end – well done you! – a plan of action!
(shame it needs such a drastic redaction)


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