tanglin’ with the pangolin

Did you see the clip?
it was a viral hit
quite a trip
this motherfuckin’ pangolin
this flail-tailed, shuffle-butted shaolin
went all Kwai Chang Caine
stormed through the market and back again
punched cops on the street
kicked them out with his clawsy feet
he was a real fightin’ bitin’ treat
till the cops called for backup
and the odds started to stack up
they clattered and battered him
they totally flattened him
this fat cop sat on him
kicked him in the snoot
pulled his gun and threatened to shoot
tasered his ass
rolled him face down on the grass
zip-locked his paws
dabbed his claws
read him the miranda
but he jes’ smiled like he was taking tea on the veranda
I mean – c’mon – that poor little shit
he was jes’ saying something about the market
what exactly they meant by wet
he saw things he’d never forget
he was jes’ trying to swerve it
no WAY did he deserve it

anyway – fuck it – I’m done talking
the bodies are piling up and I’m through chalking
is this it?
is this really it?
I’m getting all hot n’shivery
put me down for home delivery


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