potted history

from an early age / I was very well behaved / prepped & peppered, preened and saved / whelped in a bonehouse in pere lachaise

I was flamed, tamed / tastefully framed / but hey – I did alright / wrote out the dreams I dreamed at night / burned my words and turned to the light

I admit it / if there’s a sin to be sinned I’ll commit it / there are a hundred things I say I’ll do but won’t / a million things I think I’ll do but don’t / it’s all just a walk / flashy trash talk / a dirty board and a piece of chalk / a bucket for the clown and a dollar for the work / a great white shark with a knife and fork

sorry – I know it’s boring / the same old hoary story / land of hopeless glory / death by stealth and trial by fury / the tried and trusted theory / so blow me / says madame curie / faking it shakily / painfully taking a knee / showing ALL her teeth in a see-through selfie

always the pupil never the teacher / always the lumbering B movie creature / whose monsterish features / score laughter not screeches / stomping and romping on sandy beaches

I saw a sign once – it said shit to shovel / hone your art and build your hovel / sit the fuck down and write that novel / the rules aren’t all that hard to follow / spit don’t swallow / life’s a fart in a wind tunnel / you might as well enjoy it / everyone knows you can’t avoid it


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