you know where you are with a coronavirus
it only wants to get inside us
boarding our lungs like spiky pirates
turning us into multipliers

put one under a microscope
you’ll get the full dope
a belly coiled with RNA rope
a little protein envelope

that’s it. that’s all there is
laid out for your analysis
a particle that’s a practical whizz
at the biochemical repro biz

turn that scope on the current prime minister
and you’ll find a much more puzzling creature
an opportunistic power seeker
with no discernible moral feature

the virus is easier to understand
as it propagates across the land
to nix its tricks and make a stand
you only have to wash your hands

but the PM is a problem of a deeper complexion
a master of fog and misdirection
so if you want to guard against further infection
vote him out at the next election


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