Other people – I jes’ don’t wanna see ‘em / blocking my selfies at the rifle museum / the Texas Tower and the Colosseum / they’re everywhere, like cryptosporidium / upsetting my equilibrium / it’s why I’m on the goddamn lithium

Other people – they’re always there / bumbling & stumbling everywhere / through public gardens and market squares / elevators, subway stairs / shopping centres, thoroughfares / supersonically unaware / of the seriousness of the affair / other people just don’t care

Other people just don’t get it / if they see something fine they can’t help wrecking it / and regret it? / forget it / they’re totally out of credit / their lack of sympathy is completely systemic / other people are pathetic

Other people never do what they say they would / don’t fit in like they know they could / and the likelihood / they won’t vote like they should / is well understood / in the social media neighbourhood / other people are no damn good

Other people are goddamn morons / ganging up in online forums / till we’re hanging on like ol’ King Kong / swatting planes in a high-rise ding-dong / losing our grip, falling headlong / other people are just plain wrong

Other people should be put out to grass / to reap the change that’s coming to pass / we’re drawing up plans and army charts / militiamen with purple hearts / truth serums and polygraphs / it’s comin’ up fast / and then I’ll laugh

Other people can kiss my ass


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