gun sales rise in the US

go on – pull yourself a nice cold colt
you’ll get such a sweet and juicy jolt
when it jumps in your hand
and the wooden grip ticks on your wedding band
man – it’s grand
you’ll soon see the steely attraction
of such a badass double action

as my dear ol’ granpappy used to say
before that hollow point blew him away
there’s nothing like a little extemporary aeration
to improve the ventilation
of the general population


2 thoughts on “gun sales rise in the US

  1. I prefer a Beretta. Will you write a poem for Betty? 😉

    I bought my first gun a couple decades ago when a serial killer was abducting women in the area. They finally caught him, but I had discovered the enjoyment of target practice. I don’t hunt, but have shot an opossum that was killing my chickens.

    That said, the idea of people carrying guns without taking any safety courses is chilling.


    1. Hey T! Good to hear from you. Hope you’re keeping well in all the craziness.
      Yeah – guns are a big topic. Especially in the US. I totally get that urge to protect yourself. And I’ve shot targets before and really enjoyed it – especially those clays they bounce along the ground! The trouble comes when everyone feels they have to carry for protection. And then of course the more guns that are in circulation – especially automatics &such – the more likely you’re going to get caught up in a situation. Without adequate background searches, you get unstable individuals settling grudges or marching into schools. It’s a terrible thing! Also from how it seems over here, there’s a degree of fetishisation goes on around guns. Asking for gun control is like asking for voluntary emasculation or something – or at least a relinquishment of your civil rights. It’s a difficult subject, but it needs action. Our last mass shooting was back in 1996. Gun laws really tightened up then (easier for a small country like the UK, admittedly), and we haven’t had any since. We’ve got a knife problem in some inner city areas, but imagine what that would be like if it was guns not knives!
      Anyway – bottom line is – stay safe T! And lovely to hear from you.
      J 🙂


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