rule of sticks

So hang on a minute – let’s get this straight / in order to frustrate / the spiraling viral aggregate / and avoid the L-word activate / we’ve now got to do everything by six / which sounds a dodgy kinda fix / from Boris’ Bargain Bucket of Tricks / less insightful state-aid / more frightful band aid / and to make things worse / neatly highlighting chapter & verse / the tragi-comic, Eton Rifles ethos / in the Cummings-Johnson universe / grouse shooting is exempt / showing the contempt / the government has for the working population / who struggle to make sense of the situation / where kids can go to school but not the park / where neighbours are encouraged to turn neighbourly nark / phoning from the dark / of their safe social bubbles / staying out of circulation, staying out of trouble / but if you’re out on the moor / with a hundred other lords or more / berating the beaters, blasting the grouse / it’s perfectly legal to leave the regal manor house

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