the ghost / toast conundrum

you don’t just get ghosts

there’s ghost furniture too
specially adapted for walking through
from the old world to the new

there’s ghost fashion
for ghosts with a ghostly passion
for invisible tailoring with style & compassion

there’s a ghost health & lifestyle business
for ghosts pursing deathlong fitness
with ghost trainers to work them breathless

there’s a ghost hospital with ghost nurses
ghost porters, surgeons, bursars
ghost chaplains for shifting curses

a scary number of ghost politicians
doomed to pursue their worldly ambitions
despite the howling opposition

there are cheering ghosts in an empty stadium
laughing and clapping at the London Palladium
sipping G&Ts in the silent atrium

ghosts on bicycles, ghosts on trains
ghosts on buses, boats and planes
ghosts without feature, number or name

but the thing that bothers me the most
and has me choking on this tasteless toast
is maybe THEY’RE all real and I’M the ghost

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