the ol’ switcheroo

I saw a monster
out in the dumpster
although rather
the thing saw me
as I walked past whistling insouciantly

it was one big mess
and I must confess
I did my best
to ignore it
monsters aren’t cheap and I can’t afford it

it had headlamp eyes
teeth like old french fries
blunt, oversized
claws in its paws
and a croak that broke all natural laws

psst! you! over here!
I seem quite severe
but let’s be clear
don’t go by looks
you really can’t trust all those films and books

who threw you away?
I said – I must say
I’m pushed today
I can’t talk long
even though I bet what happened was wrong

things seemed pretty tight
it all felt alright
except at night
when I came out
of the shadows waving my arms about

it gave me a look
like a heartfelt hook
everything shook
and suddenly
found the monster in the dumpster was me

I watched as it went
along the pavement
taller, content
full of bluster
while I sat down alone in the dumpster

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