Ubu Roi revisité

Pere Johnson
marches on
shouts ‘Brexit!’
waves a toilet brush about a bit

he’s some kinda monster
with a shitty sceptre
but no one cares
as he pouts and stares

and sleaze?
oh pleaze!
with his wife Lady MacCarrie
whom he didst royally marry

he cuts a jolly caper
through the ballot papers
rewarding old chums
with a kiss of his bum

and the scandalised committees
he tosses in the privies
wiping his arse
with the photographs

of the opposition
whose weakened condition
means they have no answer
for this particular dirty dancer

but wait! there seems to be growing disquiet
the audience is angry and starts to riot
Pere Johnson’s stock unexpectedly plummets
so he calls an election but this time with puppets

…with apologies to Alfred Jarry

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