Nurse Stanley

I was sick, sick, sick, SICK
my chest was tight and my head was thick
and my neck had a crick
from sleeping on too many pillows
curled up coughing like a wheezy armadillo
until finally I gave up
found my way downstairs and drank a cup
of herbal tea
(with apologies to Paul McCartney)
then sat in the rocking chair to rock
backwards and forwards at four o’clock
in a flannel dressing gown and beanie
all bleary, snotty and steamy
in super-exhausted suspense
waiting for the coughing to recommence
whilst Stanley on the sofa
didn’t lift a paw to come over
and comfort me in my despair
(but then, again – to be fair
if I had a long and luxurious tail
I’d stay away from rocking chairs as well)

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