Boris Johnson World

Hands up who’s been to Boris Johnson World?
Jolly well done!
So you’ve seen how wonderfully obscene it is!
How bullshittingly, boosterishly green it is!
How my stop motion cabinet
is a hilarious cartoon magnet
for trough loads of moolah
My friends – we could stand up here and dance the hula hula
and still, it appears, you’d sooner
vote for us
and the great big lies on our great big bus
than vote for a party
that’s boringly honest and honestly quite farty
So – my friends
I heartily recommend
Boris Johnson World!
Where our trotters are spotless and our tails are curled!
Where public projects are constantly oversold!
Where the Union Jack
Is available out back
to the highest bidder with the tallest stack
and that
my friends

Lost it


Forgive me
Forgive me
Forgive me

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