we never had a dog

We never had a dog
when I was growing up
so when I was throwing up
a ball
I had no worries at all
about some dog nicking it
or offering my face and some dog licking it
full in the chops
rolling around play-fighting on the carpet lots
or finding my trousers
all over
when I lay on the sofa
for extended periods
it was generally a much less hairy interior
or when I was playing hide and seek and hid
in the curtains
not to be found
I didn’t have a hound
give the game away
by sniffing my way
tugging back the pleats
showing the other kids my oversized feet
or after school watching Scooby Doo
me pointing saying hey that’s you
and the dog sighing contentedly
then rolling its eyes & twitching dementedly


we had a hamster

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