cutting the strings

When push comes to shove
which I’m afraid
these days
it invariably does

you wonder whether GOD
who certain texts suggest
created this mess
hadn’t fallen asleep on the job

I don’t understand
if there’s EVIL, GOD made it
and lately I’m afraid it
has gotten the upper hand

for the price of admission
to heaven, we’re told
we’re free in the world
to make our own decisions

except – we’re not
because GOD made everything
out of nothing
which is a lot

GOOD as well as EVIL
a twisted puppet show
to play for eternity, you know?
a touch medieval

maybe that’s too literal
it’s a creation myth I suppose
but as far as those things go
this one’s pretty scriptural

religion’s simplistic
the whole thing’s a bust
GOD is just US
loving and sadistic

or maybe just LOVE
yeah – I hope that’s it
our heavenly ticket
kind of

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