the octopus affair

we’d only had it about a week
I’d bought it on a whim
those googly eyes! that crazy squeak!
Stanley fell in love with him

they’d lie for hours on the sofa
in a great big gangly knot
a four legged casanova
an eight legged cephalopod

sometimes he’d wear it like purple hair
the legs hanging down like curls
sometimes he’d toss it high in the air
like a cheerleader doing twirls

the day the octopus went missing
Stanley was deeply depressed
his cruel existence consisting
of endless octopuslessness

the search was long and tiring
the toy had done its best
but eventually I found it hiding
under a wooden chest

so now they’re reunited
the affair is wilder than ever
Stanley overexcited
the octopus squeaking in terror

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