father, son and holy snooze function

And Jesus said
Can’t I just get a few more minutes in bed
Don’t roll the rock back yet
I’m not quite ready for what’s ahead

And God didst spake
Lord give me a break
We’ve been over and over what’s at stake

And Jesus by way of replying
spaketh he only asketh for a tiny lie-in

And God didst grumble
and his Earthly realms did rumble
and many expensive artefacts did tumble
from miscellaneous shelves
and many people did busy themselves
with a great clearing up
whilst peering up
into the heavens
and coming out with choice expressions

Thou dost know what’s at stake
God mightily didst spake
the difficult decisions I have to make
so givest thou shroud a shake
and let’s gettest going for goodness sake

So Jesus did
as he was bid
but kept his face hid
which annoyeth God not a little bit

And suddenly Jesus flamed
You’re insane
he proclaimed
Mankind’s a pain
Why do we have to play these games?
I know you do floods
You do floods pretty good
If I could do floods right now I’m pretty sure I would

And God didst sigh
and was so long & drawn out with His reply
Jesus thought he could easily have had 5 minutes more shut-eye

At last God spaketh : Okay – I set a precedent
but I admit back then I was a touch Old Testament
I’ve done a lot of work on myself since then
Can we not drag all that up again

Just saying sayeth Jesus
But just between us
next time someone needs crucifying
YOU take the nails, I’ll take the lie-in

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