wild orchestras

(to be read in the voice of David Attenborough…)

It is summer
and another
great movement stirs
in the great Symphonic Sea

shoals of concert pianos
glide impressively through the shallows
lids raised
in courtly displays
they filter feed on crotchets and quavers
our cameras capturing their grand behaviours

squabbling overhead
great clouds of oboes and clarinets
noisily compete
for all the notes the pianos cannot eat

at the same time, down on the ocean floor
a thousand piccolos, maybe more
pipe and trill and grab
at all the passing minims to be had
stirred by stave after crashing stave
enriched with the musical nutrients they crave

meanwhile, following the score
on the smoothly running shore
flocks of marimba and chimes
ripple and settle in regular lines
as a giant tuba rolls in the surf
recently having given birth
to a litter of playful flugelhorns
tumbling chaotically in swarms
in the waves of noise the breakers form
while basking on a rock
an elegantly strung flock
of tall Irish harps
patiently net the flats and sharps
the briskly conducted ocean convection
whirls through the air in their direction

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