in the beginning was the word

A God didst finally get to see Grease
And verily was He mightily pleased
But didst cause the angelic applause to cease
When He proclaimeth he wanted to reenact
The scene where Sandy wins Danny back
And verily dids’t He say unto his Son
I shalt be John Travolta and thou shalt be Olivia Newton-John
And Jesus though pleaseth His Father to bestow
such a fun and iconic cinematic tableaux
sayest ‘Nice idea Dad but I don’t know
Wouldn’st thou not rather be Kenickie, or Rizzo?’
thundereth the Creator, all in a rant
‘I hath learned the words to You’re the One that I want
I created these tight leather pants – so wear ‘em
they took me all night so try not to tear ‘em’

And verily the angels created there in Heaven
a fairground scene beyond comprehension
where the seraphim were T-Birds and the cherubim Pink Ladies
and the rest of Rydell High lesser known divinities
and the baseline struck up on a thunderous harp
and God sangeth ‘I got chiiiiiillllls…’ a little bit sharp
but overall didst a good job with the sass
and showeth plenty of starry pizazz
and Jesus didst make a miraculous entrance
as Sandy in her leather transcendence
and verily didst they do the routine
yeah – e’en unto the cakewalk scene
and flew away at the end into clouds
applauded by all the adoring crowds
and God sayeth unto Jesus ‘That was pretty rad
Now let’s do Hairspray – and I shalt be Tracy Turnblad’

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