stanley standing

sometimes Stanley just stands
let me expand…

Steve the carpet fitter
stopped by to measure
everywhere the carpet was going
so there was a lot of toing and froing
and expertly showing
what would go where
what we had to prepare
Steve running round with a measuring tape
because everything was old and an odd kinda shape
but honestly Steve was great
worked at an impressive rate
then sat down in the kitchen
to do the addition
plus commission
costing out the whole proposition

Stanley slowly padded over there
and stood right up against Steve’s kitchen chair
his wild and crazy hair
sticking out everywhere
(Stan’s hair, not Steve’s
Steve was pretty much bald I believe)
his right eye a fright
these days almost completely white
so what with the hair and the white eye combi
looking like a lurcher zombie

hello fella! said Steve
Stan neutrally received
the strokes and fuss
like a wonky dog who’d been stuffed by us
and put on castors to wheel out to guests
who were secretly spooked but acted impressed

I’m the dog whisperer – with a twist
more like the dog hypnotist
he said
giving Stan one last ruffle of the head
then straight away turned back to his quote
because he was obviously a focused kinda bloke

and that’s it
sometimes Stan just stands and won’t quit
not until he’s tempted away
if he hears you opening a delicious tray
let’s say
of Cesar Country Stew
or he’s whistled up onto the sofa by you
or we find & squeak his favourite octopus
when his sudden animation is always a shock to us

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