world war whatever

one thing I’m very unlikely to see:
how the world’ll look after world war III
but I’m sure the place will settle down
the survivors impatiently waiting in their compounds
all the presidents and generals
their security professionals
slowly putting on their shades
as their emaciated slaves
finally roll back the thick steel gates

what a world they’ll stroll into
I can’t begin to
imagine it
how they think they’ll refashion it
in a way that’ll satisfy their old ambitions
the inequalities and divisions
prohibitions, coalitions, suspicions
the only hope would be to say
we fucked it up
so let’s get to work and clear this shit up
but first, no more generals
no more presidents and safe-deposit emeralds
no more cock shaped rockets
no more handshakes with guns in pockets
no more authoritarian regimes
no more kings and queens
no more politics of hate
no more real estate
no more countries with the prefix great
no more heads of state
from now on we all just work together
everything shared in equal measure

yeah right
close but not quite

they’ll probably look around
at the twisted buildings, the blackened ground
and think: now am I truly lord of the world
quick – get my beautiful flags unfurled
it’s a shame my enemies aren’t here to see
how I stand in this wasteland gloriously

2 thoughts on “world war whatever

  1. Excellent work. Not the cheeriest way to start the weekend, but sharp, witty and hopefully not prophetic ! X


    1. Thanks Sue! You’re right – not a great weekend poem. Some mornings I thrash around for a subject, and I just have to take whatever comes up. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, though, I do think I’m more of an optimist. If there IS an apocalyptic event, it’ll be a fabulous reset opportunity. And we can use cucumbers as glow sticks or something … 🤔


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