tourist spot

a storm was coming
rumbling in over the mountains
so after we shut the shutters
I told the others
I was going for a wander
despite the thunder
to score a few atmospheric shots
moody stuff in out-of-the-way spots
flashes of light on rocks
a torn poster, an abandoned shack
sleeping cats, stuff like that
rain drenching an olive grove
I asked but ended going alone

there’s one road into the town
traffic going up, traffic going down
certainly no-one else on foot
all the drivers very put out
that I was there, on the verge,
making them beep and swerve
the quad bikes, scooters, taxis, trucks
buses and tourist coaches (deluxe)
everyone giving me dirty looks
as the wind picked up
and the dust kicked up
a middle-aged tourist wandering off track
a girl on a moped laughed and looked back

I came across a roadside shrine
rusted, made of iron
a cross on top
the glass all spotted and dirtied up
everything neglected inside
a battery candle on its side
to be honest – a bit of a mess
except for an icon of Jesus, the eyes
still visible, looking surprised
that so much time had passed them by
so I took out my camera
to take a picture
because it really felt like an act of faith
to stop and look in such a place

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