tow floats

Alex’ pizza palace
is painted blue and white
like the flag
and if that wasn’t Greek enough
he’s playing Zorba’s Dance
on the PA
He shows us to a table
overlooking the sea
welcome my friends
you are all welcome
thank you
the sun will be behind us
in a few minutes
so you will be okay
What can I get you to drink?

There’s a swimmer
in the sea
pulling a fluorescent
orange tow float
he moves further out
diving now and again
What’s he doing?
I don’t know
looking at things

There are kid’s drawings
of Alex behind the bar
a comedy chef
in a big chef’s hat
arms out straight
right and left
in another picture
he’s just a huge pizza
with legs and a face

Are you from UK?
he says, offloading a tray of drinks
we tell him from where
I ask if he was born on Corfu
He says Yes
Fifty seven years ago
we were poor
no electricity till 70s
but we were happy
running around
playing games
one television
in whole of village
for football matches
and serials
we watch together
that’s it
when I was seventeen
I work on cruise ships
Americans, big tips
very nice times
save a lot of money
see the world
then I come back
and open bar
now I have this place
since 2008
things change
now I get your pizzas
thank you very much
I hope you have nice holidays

the sun slips behind the building
the sea darkens

I sip my drink
watch as the swimmer moves
slowly out of sight
rounding the headland
the last thing to go
his fluorescent orange tow float

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