mall ghosts

it’s not that you never see ghostly faces
nodding to you over piles of melons
in Walmart or other fruity places
their mournful expressions
making you blanch
quickening your heart
till you rush from that branch
with an empty cart

and it’s not that you never smell them there
in quiet, soulless shoe stores
idly waving their feet in the air
smiling as you wander in through the doors
making you stop
and say yikes
and hurry past the shop
without any Nikes

or ever see them yawn and flip
through the medical practice magazines
while you patiently sit and wait for your scrip
for next week’s benzodiazepines
making you squawk
and sprint from the surgery
unable to talk
about your emergency


for creatures of low to no gravity
they gravitate to much older joints
with cellars, attics and other cliche spooky points
which is absolutely 100% fine by me
because (theoretically)
much as I think a ghost might be fun
I’d end up never getting anything done

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