gaia deniers

question: will the human race
ever stop stinking up the place
wisen up and learn from its mistakes?
reading the papers? probably not
because even though brains we’ve obviously got
when it comes to using them we ain’t so hot

we’re great at setting up institutions
fancy places and constitutions
but sensible, international solutions?
you’d have to shrug and say nope
we’re basically a LONG way south of NOPE
the human race is basically a dope

meanwhile the planet buckles and burns
while plutocrats fiddle their tax returns
focused on their business concerns
until the planet shrugs us off
with storms the size of an end-times cough
then settles back down, happy enough

and ants will rise and take dominion
from The Winter Palace to the Brighton Pavilion
(obviously that’s a personal opinion)
and will they fare any better than us?
they’ll certainly be cleaner, no ifs no buts
and won’t do politics – so that’s a plus

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