status update XXVI

Cruise at the food bank, mission impossible
can’t figure out who he thinks is responsible
worked his whole life and couldn’t work faster
ended up fighting over a bag of pasta

I’m an oil baron with a pocket politician / jeering at the dreary predictions / while stashing profits and stalling transition / crux and caviar and cigars all round / as I scorch the air and torch the ground / till the smoky day inevitably comes / when the air is filled with scary drums / and by the pricking of my thumbs / something furious this way comes / and I blanch and shriek and slam the doors / of the country bunker with ingots underfloor / I mean – sure / I made billions but there’s nowhere to spend it / and a storm is breaking and it’s too late to mend it / so I take out my antique revolver and end it

You broke out the ouija board
scratched the itch
the seance went without a hitch
a blast of cold air and a frozen witch

What’s that you say, Scarlett? / something about the UK market? / tomorrow’s another day? / well o-kay / but c’mon / things have moved on / even you can see enough’s enough / we’re tired of the same old trickle down stuff / the constant beating and retreating / the constant bullshit business meetings / CEOs like melanoma / rooting deep and taking over / but watch out / they won’t go easy no doubt / he who laughs last might well laugh longest / but a police response is always strongest

I’m the sneeze in the shopping mall
the greenie in the lamp
life-sized Lego tanks rolling off the ramp
skies of blue, seas of green
in our Trident submarine

Mary Poppins says come on! spit spot / when I clap my hands, show me what you’ve got / in your carpet bag or eastpak or whatnot / don’t be shy and don’t be clever / no is final but yes is forever / that’s it! let’s see a little more can-do spirit / with a smile and a song I’m sure we can fix it / there’s just enough sugar on the spoon to go round / to help the fluoxetine go down

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