sixty and so what

listen to the man from the land that time forgot
his heart is young but his knees are not
when he dances he chances everything he’s got
but it’s a pretty sweet spot


thanks a lot

sixty and so what

but it really doesn’t matter
if you think you’d rather scatter
than listen to a rapper
like ya granddad but badder
his hair all cropped
his waistline flopped
rowing up to heaven
in a knitted tank top
clap hands
clap hands
see you all later in the promised land

where it’s hot
or maybe not

sixty and so what

I’m here to advise ya
I’m older not wiser
just because I know … who … Morecambe & Wise are
This is your life and other surprises
What do points make? (Points make prizes)
Starsky & Hutch, Miami Vice
nice to see ya to see ya nice
Dear Jim, can I meet the antichrist?
Showaddywaddy, Johnny Morris, Eric Sykes

the rest I forgot

sixty and so what

It’s Red Alert for Captain Kirk
Shatner pants cos his shields don’t work
Bones on the phone saying this won’t hurt
yeah? been there done that got the red shirt
It’s life Jim but not as we know it
Klingons are crazy, man, please don’t blow it
The crew’s had enough of your starfleet shit

c’mon – beam me up

sixty and so what

it’s praying by proxy
maxxing my moxie
taxing my brains and the orthodoxy
rhyming the shocks
burning the clocks
one last chance for opportunity knocks
rapping as they’re tapping down the lid on the box
running outta time fresh out the blocks

the pistol shot
for a medal or not

sixty and so what

if this is the room I guess I must be the elephant
it’s time to quit worrying – you’re NEVER irrelevant
you’re here till you’re not
so give it all you’ve got

sixty and so what

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