a belief in dog

I believe in dog
primarily because
dog does as dog should
dog sniffs around the neighbourhood
and smells that it is good

in the beginning
was the word
and the word was dog
and he quickly got soggy
because the woods were hellishly boggy
after the floods
but yea was he cleansed with suds

dog the lather
dog the suds
dog the toasty towelling
dog the growling
with pleasure
because verily he doth appreciate a rough towelling
without measure

ah dogs

from Diversions:
dog the chaser
dog the squeaky octopus displacer
dog the cheese grazer
dog the odd and crazy behaviour
dog the lazy snoozer
dog the hoover
dog the chewer
dog the rapturous window viewer
dog the sigh communicator
dog the hole creator
in the sofa
even though
we use a throw
in the hope
it wilt dissuade him
but lo
you know
verily it doth not faze him

from St Stanley’s Epistles to the Bristles:
‘and we didst go for a walk into the woods
and the walk was wet but quite springlike and good
and we didst meet upon the path a terrier called Reggie
and my Owner didst chat unto Reggie’s owner
and didst make this joke:

‘Verily if thou hast a dog called Reggie
then must thou get thyself another dog
and this other dog shalt thou name Ronnie’
and Reggie’s owner did laugh most politely
and move to the side of the path ever so slightly
and the walk didst continue
and the world was made anew
with a tripe stick treat for me to chew’

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