status update XLIII

And it’s quiet on set, please – lights, camera, action / casting for words with a modicum of traction / cute sounding fragments of sweet abstraction / but it’s less addition, more subtraction / a jackdaw’s nest of raw distraction

Okay shaky, hit me some news / I’ve got the fear and I’ve got the blues / politicians smiling as they’re interviewed / stats and stories misconstrued / headlines made and facts abused / they like to keep you well confused / so they can score more gold as the planet gets screwed

I’m a Kaiju counsellor strategizing / taking notes on matters arising / godzilla on the couch, catastrophizing

I’m a lazy ghost in a vaping store / watermelon ice across the floor / chuffing and puffing through creaking doors / writing on mirrors, slamming drawers / why is haunting SUCH a chore?

By the way – the store looks neat / but I’ll buy me some shoes when I find me some feet

I’m a spy balloon in a shopping arcade / gathering intel for the easter parade / Spiderman, Trump, celebs in hats / the Duracell Bunny, Biden in spats / and suddenly that’s that / game over / locked and loaded, ready for the changeover / if you’re sure that’s really all you’ve got / I’ll fly back to base and upload the lot

Seize the day, Jim – carpe diem / I donated my knees to the local museum / with carpet burns if you wanna see ‘em / along with all the other exhibits / but hurry – they close in a coupla minutes

Okay, UK, I feel your pain / steady as a tent in a hurricane / where CEOs blow and non-doms reign / and power means never having to explain / the funding streams of your golden domain / where the heads get the hats and fuck the extremeties / they love austerity, hate amenities / they’re used to strife without any remedies / and that’s one hundred percent the truth / (who’d have thought a country could produce / so much corruption under one roof?)

‘tis a consummation devoutly to be wished / now pass the bottle, Bill, let’s get pissed

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