What happened was, I tore my leg on a nail. Briony looked at it and she said I’d better go to the doctor’s and get it checked, because it was starting to look a bit angry. When I eventually got an appointment – not with my doctor – I can never get an appointment with my doctor – it’s like getting an appointment with the queen – well, this doctor he said yes, he said he thought perhaps it was infected, and he wrote me out a prescription for some antibiotics. Something cillin. Amoxy, floxy, doxy, something. I told him I was allergic to one of them, one of the cillins. Years ago. I can’t even remember what it was for. But he said don’t worry, we’ve got plenty, let’s try you on this one and see how we go. I took two, and then this afternoon I had a banana. Now, the thing is, just afterwards I started to feel all tingly and scratchy all over, and I had this rash come up under my arm. It’s dreadful. I just can’t stop scratching! Anyway, my question to you is – d’you think I’m allergic to bananas?

6 thoughts on “bananas

  1. I always have trouble typing the word bananananas. My fingers go into overdrive.
    Quite happy to eat them, though. When they go a bit brown, we call them ‘sleepy’. True story.


  2. Hiya J, yet more reading from you, more late nights, thanks, lol.
    Great short stories, loving it. 🙂

    Banana allergy, hmmmm very interesting lol.


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