odd cats

Sometimes I think it would be nice to have an animal. A cat, you know. Some company. But you’re not allowed animals in the block. I can understand why, of course. There are quite a few people here. If everyone had an animal, what on earth would it be like? A zoo, probably. Whipsnade Zoo!
I don’t do so bad, though. I don’t bother with the idiot box much. I have all these books, you see. When I was working, I don’t think I ever read. Too busy travelling around, keeping the business afloat. To the Outer Hebrides, on one occasion. Sounds like a long way – and it was – but it was worth it. I think. Now, the furthest I manage is from the bedroom to the kitchen. Although sometimes, if the weather’s nice like today, I’ll drag these sorry old bones out into the front garden. There’s a little bench there, under the roses. I’ll take a book and sit there, and read, or just watch the world go by.

The odd cat.

6 thoughts on “odd cats

  1. Sounds like paradise to me…I’m sitting in my den at present surrounded by thousands of books, floor to ceiling…currently rereading a couple of Railway Detective books (light relief for my bus journey to/from work) and “Jack the Ripper at last?” by Helena Wojtczak (my current serious re-read; a biography of murderer George Chapman, it’s actually one of the best things I ever read)




  2. Thanks for the tip, Dave. Another one to add to the list. You can’t beat a bit of true crime – ‘In Cold Blood’ was amazing (in fact anything by Capote’s good – his short pieces in Music for Chameleons are great, too).


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