keep your head down

keep your head down and do your bird
never mind what you think you heard
about who did what when and with who
it’s got absolutely nothing to do with you
so quit it
zip it tight
empty your mind, sleep better at night
because there’s nothing you can do about it
the truth’s subjective
you’ll be more effective
if you learn to live without it
and if it hurts your conscience hide it don’t flout it
or fuck off and join some hair shirt holy orders outfit
because who really gives a shit
you’re not from round here are you
button it and don’t argue
you do what you have to do
to get through it
keep shtum, don’t pursue it
it’s only you you’re hurting
hey – I’m not the one needs converting
I’m a fully paid-up member
of the yeah mate whatever
so act clever
even if you’re not
buckle up or you’ll lose the plot
no-one’s coming to offer you deliverance
nothing you do makes the least bit of difference
listen, I’m being genuine
knuckle down and settle in
it’s all about the endorphins not the adrenaline
save your dumps for the shitter
and don’t waste your time on twitter

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