the dancing johnson skipping rope song

Johnson, Johnson
lies and then some
he lies about this
he lies about that
he lies about the dancing
in his fancy flat

the coppers on the door
say ‘scuse our asking
mind that floor
don’t break with dancing

thanks says Johnson
that will do
here’s an invitation
just for you
so they dance all Easter
dance all Christmas
tell the papers
mind your business

isn’t that a party
Johnson says no
wasn’t there drinking
I don’t know
answer me truly
I cannot
Gray says coolly
this is what you got

you got

gin and tonic
wine and beer
vodka, prosecco
pizza from Dominos
rubbish says Johnson
that’s all fake
I only had a slice
of birthday cake

I told the country
that will do
dancing and drinking’s
not for you
do as I say
not as I do

so have a little vodka
shoot a little coke
knuckle down lockdown
don’t be woke
it won’t be long
before we’ve all gone broke
the people spoke
can’t you take a joke
give the Dick a knighthood
Starmer a poke

so bless our country
prank the queen
count how many scandals
there have been


the light is falling
the hour’s late
someone’s calling
with an update

I hope you like my skipping song
I won’t stop skipping till Johnson’s gone

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